MyFitZ bringing order to your closet, and ease to your mind. The worlds greatest Virtual Closet Manager





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  • MyFitZ allows you to have a mobile visualization of your personal wardrobe, as well as a reference to a wardrobe wishlist, so you always have quick and easy access to what’s in your closet!
  • With MyFitZ, setting up outfits for any occasion will be fast and easy!
  • MyFitZ integrates automated techniques to provide a variety of ways to organize and maintain your wardrobe.
  • Forgetting whether that shirt you want to pair with your cool new jeans is light blue or dark blue is a thing of the past.
  • MyFitZ is a new age method of managing your wardrobe. The app saves you time, energy and provides the comfort of knowing exactly what is in your closet!
  • MyFitZ is perfect for: Kids (of all ages), Clothing/Fashion Designers, Business Professionals, Fashion Enthusiasts, or anyone who wants their wardrobe organized!


  • Sharing
  • Options
  • Weather Info
  • Wear Item
  • Item Browser
  • Gif tutorials
  • Add/Edit Items
  • Watch-Integration
  • User Creator Page
  • Webview to WebPage
  • Favorites List
  • Recently Worn List
  • Recently Deleted List
  • Item and wardrobe stats
  • Item Viewer/Item Summary Page
  • Closet and Wishlist Wardrobes

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⚠️ Requirements

Language Swift 4

Technology Used

1Core Data
8Custom Settings Bundle






MyFitZ Release Data Announcement

The Big Day12/25/2017
The big day is here, MyFitZ Will be release:

About MyFitZ

About MyFitZ MyFitZ is a virtual closet manager for IOS.

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MyFitZ bringing order to your closet, and ease to your mind. The worlds greatest Virtual Closet Manager 📱👔👖👟👗👠👛👓

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